Hair Wreath for Winter Wedding

Winter is over, so it’s finally time to introduce you to another gorgeous season-themed hair piece. Please welcome – hair wreath from crystals and beads! Perfect for a winter wedding or any other festive occasion, which requires a little more shine and sparkle. Just the way we all like it ;).

Wedding hair wreath

The choice for the colors is obvious – something wintery. So cold colors for beads and crystals were my choice. You might see that one prominent winter color is missing.. Why I didn’t take any white ones? They do represent snow and winter. To be honest – initially I did want to add a little white accent, but couldn’t find the perfect one for the project. So decided to go for more shine and sparkle and use clear crystals instead, and the snow was replaced with ice πŸ™‚

Handmade hair wreath

For the “leaves and flowers” of the hair wreath I used clear crystal drops, regular clear crystals in different shapes, 2 kinds of blue crystals (clear and not clear), some grey-blue shiny crystals, silver bugle beads, and some little clear beads to fix the big crystal drops.

The base is a silver jewelry wire 0.3 mm or gauge 29, which is perfect for a hair piece like this – very flexible, yet holds the form just great. It can also be adjusted in size, and even bent in halves, so it will look even more voluminous!

Winter princess hair

Fun fact. The initial idea for these photos, was me in a role of the Snow Queen. But as you see, the result turned out quite different – I turned out a winter princess. Well, I don’t mind at all πŸ™‚

Pink hair

So to sum it all up, you don’t need a crown if you’d like to be a princess –  a hair wreath from crystals will do just fine! Stay warm for the remaining cold days, and enjoy the last still snowy landscapes. I will definitely miss the beauty of the winter, but also ready to welcome the awakening nature in spring.

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Winter fairy tale

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