DIY Cute Pompom Earrings

Pompom things are on trend right now, so it’s a perfect chance to jump on a pompom train, and make yourself a pair of cute casual earrings! If jewelry making is your hobby than this tutorial will be quite easy for you! If you are a beginner, these earrings will be a great chance to train your jewelry making skills :).

Colorful pompom earrings


  • Mini pompoms
  • Tiny jewelry chain
  • Earring hooks
  • Little circle connectors
  • Jewelry pins (make sure that your pins are thin enough that you can pull them through a chain)
  • Pliers for jewelry making

Pompoms, chain, pins, earring hooks


Step 1

Take a pompom and pull through its center a jewelry pin. Cut the pin, so only about 0.5 mm tail remains. Make a hoop from the tail of the nail but do not connect it yet. Repeat the same for all your pompoms. And yes, working with beads requires much less effort than with these fluffy balls 🙂

Blue, yellow, white little pompoms

Step 2

Using the pliers open up the bottom part of the earring hook and put on the chain. Close the hook so the chain won’t come off.

Little silver chain attached to the earring hook

Step 3

Attach the pompoms to the chain. Take the pin with pompom and attach to the bottom of the earring base by making a little hoop from the pin itself. Make sure it’s fixed well. Then attach a pompom on the top of the chain.

Two pompoms attached to the chain of future earrings
Step 4

Attach a pompom slightly above the middle of the chain, so an earring looks balanced. Then add to remaining pompoms above and below the middle accordingly.

How earring with pompoms look in progress
Step 5

Make a second earring, make sure they look more or less identical.
Ta-daaaah! The earrings are ready, so step 6 is be proud of yourself 🎉 and step 7 is wear it! 💁

Result of the tutorial for pompom earrings

I hope you liked this short tutorial! Any questions – please ask. And don’t forget to subscribe of course (at least my Instagram @indie.beads) 🙂

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