Spring Wedding Hair Wreath

So let’s start from the beginning. I love spring, especially the blooming everything during the end of April! I always want to touch it, smell it, take a million pictures of it, talk with everyone about it.. well, you know what I mean :D. Conclusion is that I wanted to create a hair wreath, which will looks like a blooming magic in my hair. So please meet my version of hair accessory for a true spring!

Spring hair wreath

It has already become a tradition – each season of the year you get to meet a new hair wreath. Yes, the spring is finally outside, and so is a new handmade crown. The inspiration for it are these wonderful white and pink blooming trees, which are all around you during the spring time.

Spring wedding hair wreath

This piece took me about 30 hours to make, which is the longest time I’ve ever invested into an accessory. 30 hours, Carl! It’s almost like working full-time from Monday till Thursday. Although my confession is that I started making it in the end of February and finished somewhere in the middle of April. It would probably take me twice as little if I was just sitting and making it straight ahead. But it would get really boring! Why? The next paragraph will explain you.

Crown from crystals

This hair wreath was made in the same technique as the one I’ve showed in my hair vine tutorial. You simply make lots of same pieces of crystal “leaves” and them bind them to the base. Initially I thought that making 15 sets of leaves would be enough (each leaf has 3 branches, so it’s 45 total), but in the reality it was way too little! I ended up making 24 sets, which is 72 leaves combined. And this job is quite monotone, which some might like, but not me :). And then fixing them all to the base took a looot of time. But the result is so good, I would do it all over again!

The pieces are made from the circle-shaped crystals in two sizes and three colors: light blue, light pink and clear ones. The color of the wire is silver. Each so-called “leaf”has about 7-8 little crystals and their length varies all the time, because imperfection is so natural and so beautiful :D.

Beautiful handmade crown

As for the photo shoot itself, I decided to wear a simple light blue dress (H&M I think) with my favorite sparkly shoes, which I bought somewhere in Bratislava for just 15 Euros. It was a love from the first sight, they really do have glitter on them and shine like crazy under the light! Which I love love love. And as for the hair, it’s loose, straight, and simple. Nothing should draw away the attention from the spring fairy tale hair wreath.

Spring wedding ideas

And now, why exactly wedding hair wreath? Hmmm… It just feels like that! Wedding would be a perfect occasion to wear such accessory. This piece will for sure draw a lot of attention. Also it looks very pretty on the pictures, especially among the blooming trees. And it will turn anyone into a princess just as soon as it touches the hair. Like a fairy godmother, but real 🙂

So that’s about it, now it’s your turn to share your thoughts! If you were about to have a wedding in spring, would you chose a hair wreath / crown like this?

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