Statement Earrings with Butterflies – 3 Ways to Wear + Bonus at the End!

Do you know what a love from the first sight is? Well, it happened to me and a Valentino bag :). I saw it in one of the outlets just before Christmas, and just couldn’t resist buying it… Of course, this post is not about the bag, but about what it inspired me to create! These beautiful statement earrings with butterflies and crystals!

Earrings with butterflies

These earrings are not your typical casual accessory. They are very prominent and are for sure an eye catcher! Made from crystals and beads in soft pretty colors with a contrast butterfly application. Even though they look a bit sophisticated, they are not that hard to incorporate into the outfit! Let me prove that with these three suggestions on how you could add a special touch to your outfit with help of these light pink cluster earrings.

The Valentino Bag Look

The first look obviously features the above-mentioned Valentino bag. The butterflies on the earrings are almost a perfect match to the ones on the bag! This even made me questioned, whether it not just a dupe (in addition to the extremely low price of the bag itself), but love blinds, so I still truly believe that the bag is an original :D.

Dark red Valentino bag with butterflies

In this look I wear simple sort-of high waist grey jeans and a basic beige turtleneck. As it was still pretty cold outside, as an addition there’s a cute lemon yellow coat and a light pink scarf to it. The shoes with high heels and the color matches the bag almost perfectly.

Dark red Valentino bag look
Long earrings with butterflies

The Casual White Pullover Look

The next look is my typical casual outfit. Same good old grey jeans, oversize vanilla white pullover, and sneakers of course. And, as pretty much all the time, I chose my favorite Guess bag to complete the look. The butterfly earrings look just perfect with this simple choice of clothing, don’t you agree?

Statement earring with butterflies
Oversize white pullover look
Bulky earrings butterflies

The Chi Chi Dress Look

The last but oh-so-not-least look is with this gorgeous Chi Chi London dress look. As you might have guessed it, I love outlets :D. So I bought this dress for a pretty low price (50 Euros or so) as Chi Chi dresses are so beautiful, it’s everyone’s dream to have at least one! So now I have one, just with one concern – there’s no occasion to wear it to :D. Well, actually this photo shoot was the occasion! Now I’m just waiting for someone to get married, so I can wear it to the wedding he-he-he.

Light pink Chichi dress
Butterfly earrings look
Handmade butterfly earrings

The Little Bonus at the End

You’ve been so nice and patient, so here’s a little treat for you! I know, these earrings are very pretty, but you cannot wear them on a daily basis as they are quite bulky with the butterfly. Buuuuut there’s a solution to it – just take off the butterfly and you will have amazing new elegant cluster earrings! And those crystal earrings are so much easier to incorporate into many many more styles! Casual, party, school, work – you name it!

Long crystal earrings

So I hope you liked this little look book and also at least a tiny bit happy that I’m back with my posts :D. See you soon!

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