Summer Hair Wreath from Beads

Oh wait, summer is over and a hair wreath is still not here? Well, it’s sort of time for Indian summer, so let’s consider that I’m not late with this post at all :). So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a new bright and colorful some what bohemian and summer inspired hair wreath from beads!

Bohemian look with hair wreath


It all about flowers, fun, and summer! Just look at the color combination – lots of green, bright red, two kind of bright blue, yellow, tiny bit of white – all of this is meant to look like a hair vine from fresh flowers just picked from the field. Ah, you can almost smell this light scent of the fresh cut grass, daisies, poppies, forget-me-nots, and all other kinds of flowers that I don’t know the names of :D.

Wedding hair accessory from beads


As briefly mentioned in the very beginning and somewhat in the title (:P), the hair wreath is made mostly from beads. The only exception are little white accents and also most part of the green leaves. I’ve decided to make that part from crystals, so the hair wreath has some pretty sparkle to it (just as we all like it). Here on the picture below you can see the details of the hair wreath more closely, and it’s quite obvious where the crystals are :). And the base for all the beads is a wire of course (0.3 mm / 28 gauge).

Hair wreath from beads


As for the flowers, I’ve used regular plastic beads mostly in one size, just arranged them in a different way for each color. For the red ones, for example, I simply put three beads as a flower with about 5-6 pieces per branch. With darker blue ones, there’s a simple branch with single beads. The yellow flowers start from single bead on the top and then they widen to the bottom, so it’s three beads per flower by the end. Light blue flowers were made using smaller beads (5 pieces per flower) and so were some of the green leaves. With the leaves, there wasn’t a certain amount of beads counted, I just tried to make them more-or-less even. Main thing is that the top two-three leaves are slightly smaller then the bottom ones – just like in the nature :).

Bohemian bride accessories


As for this look, I decided to choose something basic, so the summer hair wreath has all the attention. This sort of gives me those bohemian vibes. White sleeveless cotton shirt with lace and short jeans shorts seemed to me like a perfect choice! And if you take a look on the picture above, I sort of look like a bride, and not like a hipster in a hair wreath :D. The hair is a usual – messy waves after a good sleepover with a braid!

Bohemian style hair accessories

Also fun fact – when I was making this hair wreath, I was filming the process. And if you wonder, where you can see these bits and pieces, just go to my Instagram and open the saved stories. Or just use this direct link, and you should be able to see these hair-wreath-in-making related publications – hair wreath step by step.

Future plans

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post just as I enjoyed making this colorful summer hair wreath! Now I have collected all four seasons of the hair wreaths, yaaay! Now I’m thinking, should I continue this hair wreath tradition? Or maybe I should start another season-themed project like earrings? What should I do? Please tell me! And if you want to see the other times of the year, go to the category “hair wreath”.

So please like this post, subscribe to this blog, follow me on Instagram, and be happy!

See you in the next one!


Handmade hair wreath summer inspired

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