3 Valentine’s Day Inspired Hair Pins – Love Is In The Hair

Some of us like this day of the year, some don’t. But we all agree on one – we all love cute hair accessories and Valentine’s Day is a great chance to make something inspired by love. So meet three cute hair pins in red and pink colors. And as a bonus, if you read to the end, you’ll find out what my thoughts are on this full with hearts and roses day.

Heart Shaped Hair Pin

Heart shaped hair pin from crystal beads

All you need for this cute piece is a wire, red crystals (or simply big beads), and a base hair pin. Before I made this hair accessory, I was looking for a tutorial on YouTube and Pinterest, but could find the one I really like. So came up with my own! Do you like it? The plan is to film a short video tutorial, so you can make the same one yourself! So subscribe to my blog or my Instagram page @indie.beads, so you don’t miss it ๐Ÿ™‚

First Love Hair Pin

Pink and red hair pin

This lovely hair piece is made from red crystal beads in 2 sizes (smaller on the top, bigger on the bottom), clear light pink beads for leaves, 2 crystals in same color, ans 3 glass beads in baby pink. The hair pin reminds me of the first love – young and beautiful.

Valentine’s Flower Hair Pin

Red and pink wedding hair accessory

And last but not least is this hair pin from crystal beads in color cream, light pink crystals, and two kinds of pinkish-red beads. This hair piece looks like a flower (or even a bouquet?) of flowers from a different planet :). And it’s actually quite big and be an independent statement in your hair! I can see it even with a wedding gown.. along with red and pink flowers around just like shown on the picture from Elizabeth Anne Designs. Beautiful, isn’t it?Pink-Red-Gold-Wedding-Table-Ideas-2

My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

So, as promised, my thoughts on St. Valentine’s Day. There were 3 stages of my relationship with it. At school I was always excited about this day. Who will send you a little valentine card? Do you have a secret admirer? Could it be, that you are a secret admirer of your secret admirer? ๐Ÿ˜€

The next stage was “why to make a big thing over it, make your everyday like it’s a holiday” and also “you don’t need a reason to go to a restaurant or give presents to your loved ones” and other similar things. But now I do like this holiday. Why? I like holidays in general, and another extra day of happiness is something I don’t mind at all. And all these hearts, and teddy bears, and flowers – they make our grey everyday life much more prettier.

Of course, I still agree that you don’t need to always have a reason for a surprise, but Valentine’s Day gives a chance to make you life a little bit brighter. Even if you don’t have a person you love love love yet, spend this day with your friends, family, or even by yourself. Buy the food you love, flowers you always wanted to get (succulents count!), and a big slice of chocolate cake, which will make your day just perfect.

So treat yourself and others with love and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cute hair pins and raffaello

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