6 Cute Christmas Inspired Hair Pins

It is that beautiful time of the year when we allow ourselves to look a little cuter than usual. Some just put on colorful Christmas sweater, others go a step further and wear reindeer horns, and people like me add a little tiny touch to my hair. How do I do it? With a help of these cute Christmas inspired hair pins!

3 cute festive red, green, and silver hair pins from beads on the dark wood background

Let’s start with this sweet pair of hair pins made purely from beads. Red and green are considered to be the colors of Christmas, and silver is a great addition to that. So silver beads, silver wire, and silver hair pin are a perfect base and addition.

Two pretty handmade hair pins in Christmas colors

Both hair pins are basically the same – it’s only the color combination that is different. Well, you see it yourself. One has switching colors in each branch and another has beads of one color on each branch. Which one do you like more? On Instagram you voted for the changing one as a more Christmassy. Would you agree? ๐Ÿ™‚

Two messy hair buns with cute Christmas inspired hair pins

The third hair pin is inspired by one of the symbols of Christmas – Holly berries. Some say that this is where green and red colors come from to this holiday. So I took this plant and an inspiration for my next hair pin.

A cute hair pin that looks like a holly berry

There are 3 green leaves, which are made from green crystals in different size – smaller ones on the top and bigger on the bottom. The leaves on the side are pretty much the same size, the one in the middle is twice as big. And the centerpiece of the hair pin are berries of course. 3 big red juicy berries in the center bring that Christmas spirit to the hair accessory. Ho-ho-ho ๐Ÿ™‚

This next hair pin looks like a combination of Christmas and New Years Eve. The green crystals are a touch of Christmas, and silver beads and crystals are the shine of the New Year’s parties. Do you see what I mean? Fun, sparkly, and cute – these are the words for this hair pin.

Beautiful silver hair pin made from crystals

Next hair pin is not necessarily Christmas inspired, but would be perfect for this time of the year too, as it’s all about magic and sparkle. And it looks a little like a branch of a Christmas tree. Made from tiny clear crystals, golden wire and golden hair pin. It is a very elegant hair piece and will bring just the perfect amount of sparkle to your festive hair.

Beautiful shiny golden hair accessory in form of Christmas tree branchAnd the last but not least is this shiny hair pin. Made in a similar way that a previous hair piece and inspired by Pinterest. I used clear beads on the sides of each line, followed by little crystal beads, and with a bigger crystal in the middle. This way a hair pin looks more voluminous and more harmonic. And yes, it’s very sparkly – just give it the right light ๐Ÿ™‚


Beautiful hair pin from crystal beads and lots of shine

As you can see, hair pins will a perfect touch to your outfit during the Christmas time. You have a dress-code at school or work? Well, no one will ever say anything to you, if there’s a slight touch of Christmas on your hair. And of course, if you’re just wearing casual or even going fancy – hair pins can be your best friends. Just look at me, how happy the hair pins make me ๐Ÿ™‚

My face when I'm wearing cute hair accessories - happy



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