Beautiful handmade fall wedding hair wreath a girl with wavy hair

Fall Hair Wreath From Crystals

The fall is almost over, but memories of its gorgeous colors will stay for a long time.  For me this beautiful fall will stay in this beautiful hair wreath from crystals. Its elegance, sparkle and color palette whisper to you “You will never forget about me”. It would be just perfect for an autumn wedding. Can you imagine all these red, orange, and yellow leaves around you, a dress of your dreams, and an elegant hair piece reflecting both the nature and the gown… Yes, so pretty. Of course, it works just fine with a less festive outfit –  you simply cannot be wrong with this hair wreath. Here’s how I decided to wear it.

A beautiful fall inspired picture with a girl in a skirt with flowers

The Skirt

I fell in love from the first sight with this beautiful skirt from Zara. First of all – the flowers. Do you see how pretty they are? So natural and so stunning – like a Dutch flower painting. The print is a great match to the hair wreath.

The Shirt

This is a very casual grey vertical striped turtle neck shirt. Not even sure what the brand is, but I love it so much! With it I can wear pretty much any accessory I want – it’s very simple yet stylish.

Beautiful handmade fall wedding hair wreath a girl with wavy hair

The Boots

My good old “Yes or No” brand boots. I bought them quite cheap in Switzerland and they served me well for 3 busy years. I wore them with jeans and dresses, in rain and snow, warm spring and cold winter (just with more socks on). I have even hiked in the Swiss Alps with them. So unbelievably comfortable. Unfortunately, they started to tear apart this autumn, so I had to put them on the side and find a replacement. But so far no luck. Ah, what should I do?

The Hair Wreath

Finally, let’s talk about the autumn inspired hair wreath! It has been very popular on my both Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I’d even say that most successful posts on both accounts are with this fall inspired hair wreath. And I don’t mind of course 🙂

Smiling girl in a wedding hair wreath in autumn

It took me about 15 hours to make. I used a copper wire as a base and all kinds of crystals. Some are shiny golden crystals, some are with a lemon yellow shine, also red crystals in different sizes, tear-shaped red crystals, natural stone crystals in deep orange color, and, last but not least, golden beads. As you can see, all these colors play just perfect together and create a wonderful picture of autumn mood. Even now when it’s cold and grey outside, I can only think of the warm autumn days when I look at this hair piece.

Elegant hair wreath handmade from different crystals on the loose hair

I’d also say, that this hair wreath is just perfect for a wedding in autumn. Just imagine – an unbelievably beautiful elegant cream white dress and a stunning hair accessory, which enhances the beauty. Something like a cherry on the cake – you simply want it there.

Additionally, there’s another way, how to wear this hair piece to make it even more standing out. Just fold it in half and put any decorative band on the sides. It will make it look more like a crown, not a wreath. This would work for someone who just loves some extra sparkle!

Beautiful handmade hair wreath made from red and golden crystals

And have you seen already my previous post about the autumn inspired hair accessories? This hair wreath is a proud part of this collection 😉

So as an conclusion I’d like to say that I’m in love with this hair piece. It’s just simply perfect for an autumn wedding. The colors combination is just like fall itself – beautiful and magical. Of course, you can wear it in more casual way, and no one will stop you – only to tell a compliment 😉

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