Beautiful green and gold bohemian hair accessory in the hair of the girl under the sunlight

Indian Summer Hair Vine – Bohemian Hair Accessory

Hi there,

As we are enjoying the last warm and sunny days of Indian Summer, I decided to show you this bohemian hair accessory. Originally, it was supposed to be called September hair vine, but I feel like Indian Summer fits it even better. But you can decide for yourself of course šŸ™‚

Beautiful green and gold bohemian hair accessory in the hair of the girl under the sunlight

This is a quite simple piece. I used a copper wire and the main colors for the crystals are beige, gold, and green – just like the colors of an early autumn. If you take a closer look at the green leaves, they are lighter at the top (little golden crystal followed by light green crystals on the side). It represents the moment when the leaves only start to change their color. And the golden-beige ribbon completes the look of this hair accessory and adds even more Indian Summer to it.

Beautiful hair vine with golden-beige ribbon in the hands with green leaves on the background

As for the golden-beige leaves, I used different shades of golden and beige crystals, using the same technique as in my lavender flower tutorial. So if you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out, as this technique might be very useful in the beading world :).

Handmade hair vine from green and golden crystals with ribbon in the hair

And as you might see, I’m wearing my favorite beige pleated midi skirt and a simple grey shirt. If the accessory is the centerpiece of the look, I always try to keep it more calm with the outfit, so the hair vine has entire attention.

Girl in a pleated beige skirt and grey shirt wearing a bohemian hair band among the trees

This bohemian hair piece is quite sparkly under the sun. The way how these golden crystals look under the sunlight, reminds me of the sun reflections in the water during sunset. Yes, these very pretty golden ones.

Beautiful crystals hair vine silhouette against the sun sparkling warm colors

So what do you think of it? Would you wear such a Indian Summer hair vine on a more festive occasion or incorporate these crystals into a more casual look like I did? I personally feel that all eyes were on my (in a good way), but maybe not everybody is comfortable with the excessive attention.

See you in my next post!



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