Beach Wedding Hair Combs – Beautiful Sea Inspired Hair Accessories

Who hasn’t had any thoughts about a beautiful beach wedding? My dreams have inspired me to create these gorgeous sea inspired hair combs. Perfect blue combined with dash of green and red – these hair accessories look simply beautiful.

Beautiful hair combs from crystals - sea collection

Let’s start from the hair comb on the left as it was the first accessory in my sea collection. It has all shades of light blue and looks like a bouquet of some mysterious underwater flowers. If one day I’ll find out where the little mermaid lives, I’m sure I’ll see these elegant plants.

Silver beach wedding hair comb from blue crystals

This hair comb looks so gorgeous in any hair style. It is a little bulky, so it will add up some volume to the hair. If you go for some messy beach waves or decide to keep it simple and elegant – this sea inspired hair comb will be the highlight of your hairstyle choice.

Beautiful blue wedding hair comb in beach waves easy hairstyle

As you can see from my pictures, I didn’t make anything special on my head. Just swam in the sea and let it dry. You can call it beach waves – I call it sea hair mess :). But don’t you agree that the hair comb still looks beautiful?

The second hair comb is inspired by a little mermaid. As you might have guessed, red represents her hair, green – her tail, and blue is an ocean, where she lives. Pretty.

Little mermaid inspired hair comb from blue and red crystals and green beads on the beach background

Just look how this hair comb looks in my hair. Red crystals give this hair accessory that little secret, which will catch everyone’s eye and attention. And, of course, it not only a perfect hair accessory for a wedding or a party, but also for a more casual look in order to enhance it.

Mermaid hair accessory.jpg

The last but not least is this elegant hair comb. It’s made not only from different shades, but also from different crystals. You can spot some crystal drops, bicones, round crystals, and many other types I don’t know names for. This sea hair comb is actually the most expensive cost-wise. All these little blue sparkly crystals are pretty pricey. But this mermaid inspired hair accessory does look very cute, so no regrets at all – I’d do it once again.

Elegant hair comb from crystals different shades of green, blue and turquoise with a blurred sea background

So if you’re going for something more simple or would like to balance out a gorgeous dress with lots of details, this hair comb will be just perfect. Just look how amazing it looks in my messy updo.

Elegant hair comb from crystals

I’m in love with these hair combs and I’m proud to have them as a part of my first ever collection. Have you already seen the rest of the sea inspired accessories? If not yet, go to my beach wedding accessories collection overview right now ๐Ÿ™‚

So what do you think about these beach wedding hair combs? Would you wear them on a more casual occasion? Would you even combine them with beach views? I mean everyone can be a mermaid anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

See you in my next post!



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