Beautiful Beach Wedding Hair Accessories from Crystals – New Collection Overview

Hi there,

As promised, exciting news! I’m back from beautiful Croatia with my first ever hair jewelry collection. Yesss! Beach wedding hair accessories from crystals are here!

Let’s do it step by step. In this post I’ll introduce you to these cute hair pieces. In the future posts, you’ll get to know them closer.

6 different crystal hair pieces from my sea hair collection on white sea stones

Soooo. My first collection ever! As it still was summer outside, my thoughts were on the beach. That made me buy some perfect blue crystals. Then I thought of a little mermaid, as this is the first thing that comes to my mind after I think of the sea. So some red crystals (Ariel’s hair color) joined my beads stash. But the little mermaid has a cute green tail, that why some shades of green were added as well. You are able to see the crystals in my previous post here.

This sea collection has 6 pieces: 3 hair combs, hair pin, hair vine, and a simple headpiece. I used mostly crystals, but there are some beads there too. The major colors of the line are light blue, blue, dark green, red.

Here’s a picture of the gorgeous hair combs. Each one looks so pretty in the hair. I’ll show you in one of my future posts!

Beautiful hair combs from blue crystals sea inspired on grey sea stone

And this is a beautiful hair vine from blue and clear sparkly crystals. I made it for my little sister’s birthday (as her color is 1. light blue, 2. blue, 3. pink – yes, in that order :). But it looks so pretty under the sunlight!Hair vine from blue and clear crystals in the center among accessories

And these two sea inspired hair pieces look just as cute in the hair. Each one will for sure add some sparkle to the look and certainly lots of eyes!Elegant hair pin and hair piece from green and red crystals on grey stone

So do you like the collection? What’s your favorite hair piece? Do you feel here beach wedding inspired touch? Tell me what you think!

And for now, see you in my next post.


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