Decorative hair pins from crystals in hair buns close up blurred background

Decorative Hair Pins for Buns & T-Shirt with Fox – How I Wear Handmade Accessories

Hi there,

This post is special for me. First of all, this is a first time that I show my face :), which makes me slightly nervous (I’m sure you understand what I mean). And secondly, this will be a start for a new category – how I wear my handmade accessories. Including hair style, outfit, and the hair accessory itself, of course. So this time, let me introduce my simple but cute handmade hair pins, or, to be more specific, decorative hair pins for buns.

So how did it all start? I’m not a big fan of T-Shirts, but this one caught my eye. The fox is cute, the message is cute, the style is cute. So I bought it right away! And then I thought, why not create a hair pin, inspired by this little smiley fox?

White t-shirt with fox, decorative hair pins, pleated beige skirt on grey background

I decided to keep it simple and casual, but with a little sparkle. So I took some beige crystals (it might be not that obvious on the photo, but there’re actually 3 shades of beige) and made the sides of the pin. And then added a piece in the center from some clear crystals, but this time went from small ones at the top to bigger ones at the bottom. So in the end, it kind of looked like ears. At least in my head :).

Two decorative hair pins from crystals on white t-shirt with fox

And I’ve chosen to wear my favorite pleated skirt in color beige. I love midi skirts in general, so if you see me somewhere by chance, the probability that I’m wearing a midi skirt is around 90% :). That percentage includes midi dresses as well, but excludes cold weather. You know, I’m just not that comfortable wearing skirts when it’s freeeezing!

My full body outfit with white t-shirt with fox, pleated beige skirt and hair buns

And, to complete my T-Shirt with fox look, I went for two hair buns, so I look like a fox myself :). What do you think of that? And yes, I might look young on the picture, but I’m closer to being 25 then to 20. Well, that’s still young I guess 😀

Portrait of a girl in white t-shirt with fox and two hair buns with decorative hair pins

These decorative hair pins look so cute, don’t they? I’m so glad they became a part of my collection. I’ve worn them a couple of times already and with different outfits. And they look just as pretty on a single hair bun. So you might see them again some time later 🙂

So let me know what you think of this look in general or these lovely decorative hair pins for buns and the T-Shirt with fox!

See you in my next post,



P.S. “Wake me up when it’s Friday” – it’s Friday and the post is published 🙂


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