5 beautiful hairpins handmade colorful from beads and crystals on beige background

5 Cute Gradient Hairpins – Handmade Hair Accessories Ideas

Hi there,

In this post I’d like to share 5 pretty ways to put that gradient in your hair! Some of my hair pin ideas are quite simple, some of them are not. But nevertheless, all these hair accessories look so beautiful, right? Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me, which one you like the most, so I could write a beading tutorial for that hairpin in the future! So, enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Turquoise Blue Hairpin

Easy but still so cute! I used different shades and sizes of turquoise blue beads. On the top of the pin you see the smallest and the lightest beads. Going downwards beads it gets darker and bigger. In the end, you have this cute and easy hair accessory!

Cute gradient hairpin from light blue, blue and dark blue beads on the beige background

Fun turqouise hairpin 

Mystic Blue Ombre Flower Hairpin

This hair accessory is blue as well, but without a turquoise touch. It starts with a small almost-white bead, and gets darker and wider. As its main part looks like a flower (probably from some alien planet), I’ve decided to complete the look by adding a simple green leaf on the side to add some balance.

Omrbe blue beads from lightest to darkest with silver wire and easy green leaf from beads

Blue flower hairpin

Cute Pink Gradient Hairpin

The next one is for sure a fancier one! For this cute gradient hair pin, I’ve used the crystal beads on the top, continuing with light pink crystals, and following by some pink glass beads, coral pink beads, and dark purple ones. As you can see, it is shaped like a leaf, and was widening up to 2/3 of the piece and then went backwards. To finish its look, I’ve decided to add 3 big clear beads, which look like soap bubbles in the light (reflecting pinkish, blueish and yellowish colors).

Beautiful pink hairpin from beads and crystals on beige background

Cute pink hair accessory 

Turquoise Green Ombre Crystal Hairpin

The next one is even fancier then the previous one! I used mostly crystal beads in different sizes and colors. This turquoise gradient goes from the top and to the sides. The darkest color is, accordingly, on the top, and leaving the transparent crystal beads at the bottom. In the center I’ve decided to add some bigger clear beads, as it seemed empty to me.

A hairpin from dark and light turquoise color beads on beige background

Hair pin made from turquoise crystals

Elegant Yellow Gradient Hair Decoration

And the last but not least is this beautiful yellow gradient hair pin! I feel like you could definitely wear it to a wedding or prom! Here I’ve created the gradient using regular clear beads, adding some crystals, following by pearls, and then light yellow glass beads and yolk-yellow glass beads. As you might have noticed, I’m a fan of asymmetry, so my yellow beads branches are in different sizes. And in the center of the piece you see some drop-shaped crystal beads.

Handmade hair accessory from crystal beads and yellow beads beautiful on beige background

Beautiful yellow gradient hair decoration

So this is how I see the gradient beads! What do you think? The size of all these hairpins is approximately the same. The black base, where I attached my beads, is about 7 cm / 2.7 in long. They’ll look great as a hair bun accessories or used as hair decoration in a pretty hairstyle.

Down below you can see all these handmade hair accessories ideas in one photo. Which one do like the most and how would you wear it? Tell me ๐Ÿ™‚

5 beautiful hairpins handmade colorful from beads and crystals on beige background

5 cute handmade hairpins with gradient

And don’t forget to check out my previous post about how to make a lavender from beads!

And for now, see you!




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